Limited Edition - Hand Detailed Mug - Style 1

Limited Edition - Hand Detailed Mug - Style 1

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Hand detailed dots and lines done with underglaze.

Handbuilt Pottery inspired by Mother Nature

Every piece is handmade and built from rolled out flat slabs of clay, assembled and created in small batches. Each carved landscape is done free hand by me using a variety of carving tools. My glazes are handcrafted using a recipe of raw materials weighted out to one tenth of a gram and combined with water.

I love objects that appear as if they have history, or story to tell. Embracing the philosophy of wabi sabi, which celebrates elements that are weathered, worn or rusted. Appreciating the beauty in the naturally imperfect world and accepting the natural cycles of growth, decay and death. Wabi sabi reveres authenticity above all.
“It was made by my hands, and evidence of this can be found in every piece made.” -Nicole Loraine


All handmade therefore each has its own unique personality. Each mug is hand formed from flat slabs of clay, joining the clay together creating seams that accentuated their handmade beauty. The image on these mugs are hand carved.

-No two objects are ever 100% the same
-I do not edit my images
-Due to the differences in monitor settings, some colours may appear different. The glazes really come alive in natural light
Hand washing is recommended to prolong the life of your handmade creations

-All items are microwave and dishwasher safe (excluding pieces with gemstones)
-Dishwasher detergents are harsh and can dull the finish
-Avoid thermal shock caused by placing boiling water in an ice cold mug and visa versa
-Do not place items in microwave that have been sitting in water for prolonged periods of time as it may cause the piece to rupture or crack

If you frequently use a microwave to heat water, do so in small increments 1-2mins max. Failure to do so may result in injury due to surface tension/superheating

*We take no responsibility for injuries due to negligence

Handmade Ceramic Pottery 14-16 Ounce Coffee & Tea Mug - Hand Built - Glaze - Carved - Red Clay -Stoneware - Nature - Wabi Sabi - Hand Decorated Coffee Lovers

Use with caution and care.

Glaze is a layer of glass essentially, if you drop it, it will probably break.

Pottery care on my website ------------cavancreations .ca