About Us


Hi, I'm Steph - owner and creative behind Rustically Signed! I'm so glad to have you here and thrilled that you've found me!

Here in my little corner of the internet you will see all the unique pieces of artwork that I pour my heart and soul into. From custom pieces to ready made items - each of my pieces are crafted with so much love and passion. I send them off into the world to be displayed in your home, hoping you can see just how much love went into them.
A passion of mine has always been teaching others. Whether that be a fellow maker how to do something new or perfect a skill, or a client during one of my workshops. I thrive in social settings and love to spend evenings with a group of women chatting, snacking and making really cool things. I'm also told I can be pretty funny, so you can always count on lots of laughter during your time with me!
I have been running this business for the last 4 years. Recently I have realigned my business to what serves myself and my brand new family best. For me, this meant stepping away from my brick and mortar store for the foreseeable future. You will still find me where I have usually always been though; at home in my workshop. Yet again, we have renovated my barn workshop to accommodate both public and private workshops right here where all the magic happens! Now you can come and see first hand how all the things are made - while making your very own!
I hope that we get to connect and work together to bring your decor vision(s) to life. Whether that be through a custom project or by joining me in a workshop! Reach out at any time - if you know me, you know I LOVE to talk!


- Steph x